About us


The idea behind Maigold began a few years ago and came from my need of finding clothes that I could wear for work. I usually work in an office where the dress code would typically be wearing a shirt and a full suit. A few years back I was looking for some new suit trousers and every pair I found were made from polyester or a mix of it with other fibres. This was not what I was looking for as such fabrics are bad for the environment but also as they are not natural fabrics they will not keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer as they should.


This is what triggered me to start my research into sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrics which lead me to discover alternative, natural fabrics like linen, organic cotton, Tencel and Ecovero, for example from which these clothes could be made.  

I had begun designing a range of office clothes and was ready to move into the production phase when the Covid pandemic struck and office-based working was affected all around the world.  

Because the way of working has changed so much since 2020 particularly due to the increase of time spent working from home and limited time spent in the office, I decided to change my approach also. With many big offices declaring they will no longer ask employees to come to the office every day of the week I believe that people will no longer need two separate sets of clothes for work and home (as I used to have). In this changing environment it was now possible and seemed to make sense that we could now have one set of clothes that we could wear to work but also wear to drop your kids to school, go to the shops or meet up with your friends. 

The range from Maigold is personally designed with this in mind to give you well-fitted, feminine and classic clothes that are produced in the UK from sustainable fabrics in the most amazing and fun colours as we all deserve a bit of colourful rainbow in our days.


I also love to make and design jewellery. All jewellery items on my website are made and designed by me. My love of making jewellery started when I was at University and it was a way for me to create jewellery that I wanted to wear. A few years ago I have attended to silver smithing course and my adventure in making even more bespoke pieces started. In many of my projects I am using glass crystals for their rainbow making properties or semi-precious stones for their amazing colours as well healing properties.